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What's in the room

  • Key-entry for privacy
  • Comfy bed 
  • Two sets of  linen provided 
  • Smart TVs 
  • Office desk and chair
  • Remote control ceiling fan with light
  • Built in wardrobe with shelving and mirror doors
  • Modern en-suite with overhead heating and walk-in shower


Common Area

  • Air-con in combined living area
  • European laundry
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Dishwasher
  • Off street parking, for one standard car only (no under cover parking)
  • Fully fenced garden with outdoor setting
  • share common area with two mature profesional  people working full time 
  • non-smoker




House rules apply and normal housework shared by all.



The primary purpose of these House Rules is to help everyone in the house to live
peacefully together.

1. Resident and guest behaviour
Everyone living at the place has the right to enjoy their stay and the peace and privacy of their room. Everyone must be polite and considerate of the needs of other residents in the house. No music, loud noises or disturbances after 10.00 pm. Keep the house and the grounds clean and tidy. No bad language inside and outside the house. No drugs or smoking  or Vaping on premises. No naked, flames, candles,barbecues, fire, pits, etc

Alcohol may be consumed on the premises in moderation. Please show respect for the needs of the neighbours.

2. Maintenance of rooms
The resident has a responsibility to keep their room and en suite clean and tidy and make sure they don't create a fire or health hazard. Domestos is provided for cleaning of toilet, shower and hand basin. Shower curtains are washed every 12 weeks but if yours requires washing sooner please let us know. Do not leave unwashed dishes in your room or food items and wrappings in the waste paper basket. The linen provided is your responsibility to launder and maintain. Please obtain permission from the landlord if wishing to bring furniture into your room. The resident must not damage any part of their room. Please report any damage, or problems requiring maintenance, immediately to us as we like to keep the property to its highest standard for your enjoyment and our investment.

3. Common areas
Common areas include laundry, kitchen, lounge room, dining room and outdoor garden areas.
The common areas are to be kept clean and tidy. Do not leave personal items in the common areas.

Cleaning is to be shared equally by the residents.
Kitchen: Wash dry and put away your dishes after every meal. If using the dishwasher it is your responsibility to run the cycle, unload and put away these dishes. Ensure that these dishes are clean and dry before putting away. Please wipe down all work benches, sink, stove and grill, microwave, chopping boards and heat mats after use. Please leave the kitchen cleaner than you found it. If using a rice cooker please do not leave rice in cooker to go mouldy. The resident and their guests should leave all the common areas clean and tidy so that other residents can also enjoy them.
No nails, hooks or other fixings may be applied to any part of the house without permission. We are more than willing to put up hooks in your room. Please contact us to arrange for this to be done. No equipment or furniture may be removed from the house without prior agreement with the landlord.
Laundry: Do not use the washing machine after 9 pm or before 7 am as the laundry room backs on to room 1. Do not leave washing in the machine or items soaking in the sink. Please use bucket provided.
Fridge and Pantry: Please check use by dates and freshness of your food regularly and throw out if need be. Please keep fridge clean, wipe up spills immediately. Use plastic containers provided to store grain based foods in pantry and food items in fridge. Do not store cooked food in saucepans in the fridge. I am happy to purchase more containers if needed.
Please sweep, vacuum and mop floors as required.

4. Guests
The resident must make sure their guests know the house rules. If a resident's guest breaks the house rules, the resident will be responsible. No overnight guests allowed due to security reasons and the comfort of the other residents. All guests must leave the premises by 9 pm. The room is for one occupant only.

5. Access to residents' rooms
The resident has the right to enjoy the privacy of their own room. The landlord also has a right to enter the resident's room with their permission or by giving the proper notice (except emergency cases or if there is reason to believe a breach of house rules has occurred). The landlord has the right to attend the house for management or maintenance purposes with respect to the resident’s privacy.

6. Motor Vehicles and Parking
Due to the limited off street car parking, only one stranded car per room and no trailers.
Please park in your allocated space only. No visitors cars allowed. No washing of vehicles on the premises.

7. Door locks and keys
Each resident has an external door key and mail box key as well as their own room key. Keep your keys safe. If you lose your key or find yourself locked out of the house/room, please contact us for assistance. It is each resident's responsibility to ensure doors and windows are locked at all times when not in use. If there are problems with the locks on the door or the keys, ring us immediately. The resident should not try to change the lock to their door or damage it in any way. The resident also must not make copies of their keys without asking the landlord.

8. Animals
NO pets are allowed on the property at any time.


9. Rent
Rent is payable weekly, keeping 2 weeks in advance. The preferred method of payment is by electronic transfer. Bond to the value of two weeks rent lodged with the RTA

Two weeks notice to leave or two weeks rent in lieu at the end of the fixed term lease

10. Moving In
Residents will be notified in advance of a new person moving in.

11. Smoke alarms are tested every 6 months by professional company, at no time are the batteries to be removed from the smoke alarms. If any smoke alarm is not operating correctly please contact the landlord immediately. This is for your safety and the safety of your fellow residents. All smoke alarms are interconnectable and hardwired. There are spitfires which are exit lights next to each smoke alarm these lights will come on when we lose power.

12. Fire: There is a fire blanket hanging near the kitchen, one behind each bedroom door and a fire extinguisher on the lounge wall above the TV units. Please read instructions on each carefully. In case of a fire: Your first response should be to alert other residents and leave the building immediately. Only when you are safe ring 000. The house can be replaced, you can’t.

13. The air-conditioner is to be turned off when leaving the property. All windows should be closed before turning on the air-con unit. Cooling temperature set at 24 degrees and heating temperature at 24 degrees.

14. Please only iron on the ironing board provided (do not iron on any other surface) and return iron (when cool) and ironing board to the cupboard after use.

15. There are plenty of chopping boards and heat mats in the kitchen. Please do not chop directly on the kitchen top. Please do not put hot saucepans directly on the kitchen top.

16. Electricity and water usage:  fair use is paid for by the landlord, if the electricity and water  is Excessively high  A copy of the electricity bill will be sent to every tenant.  You May be asked to pay any amount over $300 a quarter this amount will be divided by all tenants.

17. Unlimited fast NBN data is provided.

18. The theft of another residents food or belongings will not be tolerated. The offending resident will be given notice in writing to leave immediately.

19. Smoking : property strictly non-smoking non-Vaping, no naked flames.

If the resident or their guest breaks any of the house or kitchen rules, it means that they are
breaking (breaching) the Rooming Accommodation Agreement. 

I have read the above House Rules on pages 1 and 2;
I understand them and agree to act
in accordance with them.